Holiday Email Marketing Best Practices

Holiday email marketing
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The holiday season is the most special time of the year and a huge opportunity for publishers to shine. To have a successful holiday email marketing strategy you need to focus on meeting your audience’s needs and expectations, not only to sell your products. There is no surprise that with the widespread popularity and indisputable benefits of email marketing, the return on investment is massive.

Publishers should stay focused and take control over their email strategy. Incorporating these tactics in your holiday email marketing strategy can help you achieve your marketing goals:

  • Keep track of everything: insights, metrics, statistics, open and click rates – everything that can be measured and analyzed
  • Create and design special newsletters for the holiday season
  • Segment your email lists and send targeted messages and increase your subscribers’ engagement
  • Monetize your email newsletters to increase your business’ revenue

Keep track of everything (audience-related)

The holiday season is near, and timing is essential in email marketing. Dive into your subscribers’ insights and metrics to learn when they are the most active and which email newsletters have the highest open and click rates.

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