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You’ve grown your blog and built up a following of dedicated readers. Now it’s time to start generating real revenue. If you’re looking for an effective way of how to monetize your blog, the inboxAds WordPress plugin is one of the best solutions you’ll find.

In this review, we’ll help you understand why we recommend the inboxAds WordPress plugin to bloggers and web publishers who are looking for new ways to make extra money from their email newsletters, with a complete view of everything the plugin has to offer. Here is what we will cover in this review:

Table of Contents

  • What is inboxAds?
  • How to Monetize a Blog with inboxAds
  • inboxAds FAQs
  • Advantages of Using inboxAds
  • Conclusion

1. What is inboxAds?

inboxAds is an advanced email advertising platform designed to help bloggers monetize their email campaigns. An authority in the email monetization market, the company works with top bloggers and content creators, as well as larger publishers and agencies.

With both inboxAds and the inboxAds WordPress plugin, you can monetize your blog and make money from your email newsletters through native ad placements. The product is packed with features that turn emails into a new revenue channel. Most of these tools work in the background, which means you can generate revenue and provide readers with the content they want at the same time.

Unlike a lot of other email advertising platforms, inboxAds actually leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to decide which ads are best served to your audience. That determination maximizes the number of views and increases your earning potential. Moreover, the platform includes advanced features like a built-in algorithm for more streamlined inventory management and custom tailored content. Another important aspect is that it carefully selects the content that will reach your email recipients based on their preferences and online activities. 

If you run your blog on the WordPress platform, then inboxAds has another solution for you to choose from. The inboxAds WordPress plugin helps bloggers monetize their emails in minutes, turning the newsletters into revenue-building tools. The plugin works with all of the most frequently used WordPress email plugins, which means you don’t have to change up your existing workflow to start running ads.

Though inboxAds was founded in 2018, the company has quickly grown. In its short time on the market, the plug-and-play email advertising platform has become especially popular among bloggers and other web publishers.

2. How to Monetize a Blog with inboxAds

If you already have a blog and you already send email newsletters to your readers, then getting started using our plugin will be a cinch. Registering for the product is completely free. Just head to the inboxAds website and enter your full name, email address, and the name of your blog (or company). Besides, inboxAds is a true plug and play solution, which means it’s incredibly easy for you to get started running ads in your newsletters. You can even sign documents digitally and set up payment details within the plugin. 

Create an engaging newsletter filled with all the best content from your blog or website, just like you probably already do. When you’re ready to start monetizing, you’ll get access to everything you may need to double-check your design, ad placement, and wording in real-time using inboxAd’s Live Ad & Newsletter Preview tool. When everything looks just right, click “Send.”

The ads that run in your email newsletter will come from inboxAds’ premium demand partners. We curate each ad’s content before it goes out, which lends a sense of assurance to our users who might be nervous about what kind of ads their audience will be seeing.

Curious about how your ads are performing? Login to your account at any time, and you can see in-depth analytics, impressions, revenue, and click-through-rates. However, if some of your emails are performing better than others, investigate why that is.

Are your readers more interested in certain topics? Which ads are readers most likely to click on? You can change the parameters of your analytics with a single click, and review the performance of your email advertising on a customizable graph. That is an important step if you want to maximize the profits you’re seeing from email newsletter advertising.

While you’re investigating the performance of your newsletters, inboxAds is working behind-the-scenes, using artificial intelligence to select your optimum advertising partners. The company’s technology pairs performance analytics with an AI-powered selection program to generate the most income possible for web publishers.

One of the great things about this product is that you don’t need to have experience in digital advertising to monetize your blog or email newsletters. Furthermore, the platform has developed an intelligent help assistance tool that shows relevant help topics based on your screen context, so you can get personalized support while you place ads in your newsletters.

Once ads have started going out to your subscribers, it’s time for the fun part–getting paid. inboxAds makes and receives all payments through specialized payment provider integrations, and you can access your full transaction history right from the interface.

3. inboxAds FAQs

How much does inboxAds cost?

The inboxAds WordPress plugin is free to use, no matter how many newsletters you send or how many newsletter plugins you use. In essence, the content creators who use the product get access to all of our product’s advertising tools, along with quick analytics to see how their ads are performing in real-time.

Does the inboxAds WordPress plugin support IAB standards?

Yes! The inboxAds plugin meets all standards set out by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Furthermore, the plugin supports all IAB ad size specifications. as well as a number of customizable ad units.

How will I get paid?

inboxAds is a trustworthy advertising partner, which gives content creators and web publishers a sense of assurance when they work with the company. After registering for an account, you’ll be prompted to set up your payment details. Because those payment details are made within the inboxAds platform, you won’t have to deal with using third-party aggregators, like PayPal, to get paid. Your payments will be made on time, based on the performance of the ads running in your newsletters.

Will I be compliant with the latest privacy regulations?

Privacy regulations are constantly changing. As a blogger, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest requirements. That’s one of the reasons why bloggers prefer to work with well-known companies like inboxAds. We handle all issues related to compliance for our publishing partners and we guarantee that any information we store is fully encrypted, so no identifiable data is exposed. As a content creator, that means you can spend more time generating content your audience loves, and less time studying up on the latest privacy laws.

4. Advantages of Using inboxAds

For those who have already developed a following across multiple online platforms, generating revenue through email newsletters is a no brainer. Email advertising supports sales and marketing initiatives, making existing revenue channels even more valuable for web publishers. When used in conjunction with website display advertising, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce programs, email newsletter advertising can help even small and mid-size bloggers make more money from their existing content. 

inboxAds is an authority in the email monetization market, so you can feel secure knowing you’re working with a trustworthy company when you monetize your blog. Furthermore, the platform was developed to give bloggers and other online publishers a way to maximize their revenue gains, working exclusively with high-value advertising partners.

Setting up and deploying a digital advertising program has traditionally been cost-prohibitive for bloggers. That’s one of the reasons so few bloggers are making money through this channel, despite how lucrative it can be. inboxAds has really innovated in this space, developing a platform that delivers effective email deployment and the latest programmatic advertising tools for web publishers of all sizes.

Using our plugin, you can monetize your blog regardless of how many people currently subscribe to your email newsletters. The company has a reputation for constantly innovating in the space, so you can rest assured that you’ll get access to the latest consumer engagement and programmatic advertising tools as soon as they’re available. 

Accessing those features is especially simple if you run your blog on WordPress. The good news is that our plugin works with as many newsletter plugins as you want. Not only is it always free for senders, but when you monetize your blog with us you get access to quick analytics that let you see how your ads are performing. In addition, more in-depth analytics are available when you login to your inboxAds account. 

Because our product features a simple drag-and-drop interface, you don’t have to be a web coding expert to start monetizing your emails. In fact, you don’t need to have any coding experience whatsoever. All you need to do is copy/paste a few ad codes into your newsletter platform.

5. Conclusion

If you subscribe to email newsletters, you’ll see first-hand how popular email advertising is becoming. Top brands are eager to have their ads run alongside content from successful bloggers, and they will pay a premium for the service. On the other hand, bloggers are finding that by running native ads in their email newsletters, they can generate more revenue from their existing content. That’s pure income since it doesn’t cost a dime to use the inboxAds platform.

inboxAds stands out as a top email advertising provider thanks to its relationships with premium demand partners–also known as advertisers–and its commitment to security and meeting IAB standards. Not only is the platform extremely reliable, but it’s also customizable, which is important if you need differently sized ad units. To summarize, this plugin is a bonus for bloggers who run their websites on WordPress, offering a well-designed interface and complete compatibility with the most frequently-used email sending programs.

If you are looking for a way to monetize your blog and run ads in your email newsletters, give inboxAds a look. You can download and install the plugin by clicking here.

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