How to Monetize Email Newsletters Effectively: A Beginner’s Guide

content writer makes money from monetizing email newsletters
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If your company is considering putting out a newsletter (and it should), how to monetize email newsletters might be your foremost concern. You need your newsletter to be well worth your investment.

We know the feeling of getting cold feet over the launch of a new email marketing strategy. That’s why we’ve written this easy-to-follow beginner’s guide for you.

Follow each step — and you can learn how to monetize your newsletter successfully.

Step 1: Get Off on the Right Foot by Monetizing Your Newsletter With Native Advertising

In this article, we’ll analyze and compare several strategies to make huge gains from your newsletter over the long run. But first, you need to find a way to make your email newsletter pay for itself from the very beginning.

The fastest – and the easiest – way to monetize your email list is through ads. Not just any ads, though.

Because you need ads that align with your long-term goal of becoming a valuable resource for your customers and potential customers. With native, programmatic advertising, you can literally monetize your email newsletter from day one.

An example of how native ads look like.

Effective native ads have eye-catching photos, appearing like links to articles about related topics within your newsletter. In fact, that’s exactly what they are.

These links lead to landing pages — informative content about the products they advertise. When they’re programmatic ads, cutting-edge AI programs choose topics that will appeal to your recipients.

The AI programs also dive into the data to segment your newsletter subscribers. Then, they target the right people with the right ads at the right time.

Placing ads that your subscribers will be interested in, it’s *marketing magic* — and can get your newsletter paying for itself in no time.

With our email monetization platform (we can’t speak for other companies), placing ads in your newsletter is free. There’s no risk to you, and everything to gain when you use these ads to fund your email newsletter publication.

When one of your subscribers clicks on an ad, you’ll get paid — immediately. It’s instant email monetization, and it can keep your newsletter afloat while you’re waiting for long-term gain.

In our platform’s case, your chance to earn money from these advertisers lasts a lifetime.

It can serve as a source of another long-term stream of income. That comes in handy when you want to scale up your newsletter production and need to hire a content team or agency to keep up with the demand.

Less is more when it comes to email newsletters monetization.

One caveat, though. With ads, less is often more.

Never overload your newsletter with ads. It looks tacky and does nothing to build trust in your brand. Carefully selected ads shown to the right people at the right time will prove much more productive.

You can also link your newsletter to your WordPress blog — a distinct advantage. As you’ll discover later, your blog can serve as a rich source of new subscribers.

Step 2: Monetize Your Email Newsletters with Brand Awareness

With new brands, building brand awareness is a must. There’s no better way to get potential customers familiar with your brand than an informative, helpful newsletter.

Here’s how to monetize your email newsletters through brand awareness.

Email marketing is essential for building brand awareness.

First, Earn Your Subscribers’ Trust

Today’s consumers don’t want brands to sell them something. They want brands to earn their trust.

  • But how do you know what information they need?
  • How do you know what problems your brand can solve for them?

Start with the data. If you don’t have an online presence, a survey of your existing customers can give you a good idea about what kinds of information your typical customers need.

Data From Your Website

If you do have a website or social media presence, though, you can use Google’s analytics tool to look at the demographics, location, and other key data.

This information helps you to identify commonalities among those who browse your website. It can also help you identify when they’re most likely to be browsing online. Knowing when they’re active online can help you determine the best time to send your newsletter to them.

Relevant data helps you send better emails.

Data From Social Media

Your social media platforms, too, can give you even awesome insights into your target customers’ mindset. Facebook Analytics, Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, and other social analytics programs are a treasure trove of information about your followers. Using that data, you can even look at their “likes,” giving you a glimpse inside your followers’ minds — and their motivations.

Then, Publish Content That Solves Your Subscribers’ Problems and Meets Their Needs

Blog Posts

We recommend that you start with blog posts that target your likely customers’ needs, solving their problems in the process. For example, if you’re a pediatric practice, your target customers will probably be new moms and stressed-out single dads.

You can build trust by publishing blog posts that address:

  • Those middle-of-the-night diaper changes
  • How and when to bring their children to the emergency room
  • What foods are best for their children’s formative years
  • And other topics that interest parents of young children
Digital marketing can help your local business grow.

If, on the other hand, you offer digital marketing services to small, local businesses or business professionals, your data might show that your target customers are brick-and-mortar stores, locally-owned restaurants, law firms, or local producers. Your content could include:

  • Tips on how to maximize Google searches for local businesses
  • Articles on why it pays to be customer-centric in their messaging
  • How to market their businesses on a tight budget
  • And similar topics

Newsletter Articles — A Deeper Dive

Always include a call to action that invites your blog posts’ readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Then, publish exceptionally helpful content so your subscribers get a lot of value for giving you their contact information.

To convert best, email newsletters need to be a deeper dive into some of the same topics you cover in your blog posts. Or, they can offer a different perspective on thought-provoking issues within your target customers’ industries.

The key is to consistently provide them with plenty of reliable information that helps them solve the kinds of challenges that keep them up at night. When you deliver that, they will come to trust your brand as one worthy of their time.

Even better, they’ll share your newsletter with their colleagues and friends, building your brand’s reputation among an even wider audience.

Building Trust Monetizes Your Email Newsletter for the Long Run

Newsletter content that builds trust in you as an expert in your field eventually pays huge dividends in ROI. Personalize your content for your target audience and their needs, and your recipients will be more likely to open your emails and read your content. Furthermore, personalized content entices them to click through to the next step in their customer journeys, according to the customer acquisition experts at Oberlo.

Providing reliable and insightful content will help you build trust in your brand.

Step 3: As You Grow, Monetize Your Email List With A-List Content

So far, we’ve talked about the first steps in building your email newsletter marketing strategy. As you grow, though, you need to make it your goal to become a thought leader in your field.

However, how to monetize your email list while you grow your content in both volume and quality can be a challenge. To create the newsletter content you need to become an industry influencer, you might need some extra help.

You might, for instance, need to partner with a content marketing agency or an in-house team to create the kinds of top-quality content that position you as a leader in your field.

Or, you might prefer a hands-on approach. Maybe you want to create the topics and an outline and outsource the details to a writer or video producer. Either way, you’re ready for the next step.

If you’ve kept up with ad placement and potential customer targeting, you have not only monetized your initial email newsletter expenses. You are starting to acquire more readers as a result of the content of your newsletter.

Industry Thought Leaders Take Email Monetization to a Whole New Level

When you invest some of those increased profits back into your email newsletters, your company will be able to reach even more target customers with frequent, consistent posts. By “even more,” we mean “skyrocket.”

Publish email newsletters that feature thought leadership.

It’s what all the major influencers do, no matter what their industry. From politics to medicine to news — and everything in between — publishers use top-quality content that their subscribers will devour. Whether it’s The New York Times newsletter (yes, they have one — and publish a prolific amount of content) or a newsletter for a narrow niche like Pilates, fitness centers, fashion, business coaching, or even celebrity news, it pays to publish well — and often.

The numbers tell the story. It pays to invest in quality content creation when you want to take your email marketing strategy to the next level.

Statistics Demonstrate the Power of Email Newsletters to Build Revenue and Reputation

With blog posts alone, brands that post more than once per day can increase their traffic and their conversions by a factor of four. When you add the power of email newsletters to the mix, you can suddenly find yourself making about $44 for every dollar you spend.

Done right, newsletters work for publishers small and large, building loyalty, trust, reputation — and revenue.

As you build your business, build your email monetization strategy one step at a time — and you’ll soon become a leader in your field.

If you want to take the first step toward an effective email monetization strategy, we can help. With free ad placement — all targeted to your customer base — you’ll have everything you need to get your newsletter up and running.

It’s easy — and it takes hardly any time. There’s no better time than now to take your business to the next level with the power of email monetization

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