Email Expert Interviews: Teresa Anne Smith. Social Media Manager & Customer Success Engineer at SMTP2GO

Email Expert Interview Teresa Anne Smith SMTP2GO
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Our guest today is Teresa Anne Smith, Social Media Manager & Customer Success Engineer at SMTP2GO.

I first saw her this year at Inbox Expo, where she gave an excellent presentation about best practices in building an email list and the importance of maintaining list hygiene.

Teresa left the UK seven years ago and has chosen Spain as she wanted to continue her studies and learn Spanish. But then she discovered the email industry and started to work remotely for a New Zealand company, and well…, this is what we’re going to talk about in this interview. 🤗

In this conversation, Teresa shared with us:

  • her journey in email deliverability,
  • how she handles two roles simultaneously,
  • valuable insights into how businesses can improve their subscribers’ engagement,
  • her tips and tricks for communicating with customers during lockdown, 
  • why is delivery important, 
  • major trends to watch in email marketing for the next period, 
  • and many more!

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