Email Expert Interviews: Lisa S. Jones Founder & CEO at EyeMail Inc.

Interview Email Expert Lisa S. Jones EyeMail
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We are so thrilled to have Lisa S. Jones with us today. Lisa is the founder and CEO at EyeMail Inc., an innovative company that increases engagement by enabling instant play video-in-email, webmail, and mobile.

Lisa has a truly fascinating and uplifting story to tell.

She wanted to reinvent the email communications and created EyeMail in a niche no one else has even considered. What’s even more interesting is that she had no previous experience working in email! And yet today, her company is on an upward direction, with an impressive number of well-known customers such as Delta Air Lines, Microsoft, Coca-Cola or WarnerMedia, to name just a few.

In this delightful conversation, Lisa shared with us:

  • How she left behind the comfort of corporate life and launched her business,
  • The why’s behind EyeMail,
  • How her technology disrupts email communications,
  • The main future trends and challenges in email,
  • What inspires her,
  • The lessons that shaped her entrepreneurial path and precious advice to new email startup founders,
  • And many more.

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