9 Powerful Email Marketing Statistics you shouldn’t miss in 2020 [infographic]

graphic on email marketing statistics in 2020
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With a return on your investment of nearly $44 for every dollar spent, email marketing is a must-have element in your 2020 marketing strategy. If you haven’t begun publishing email newsletters yet, this coming year is a great time to start.

Here are nine powerful email marketing statistics that can help you sell the concept to your company’s decision-makers:

Email Marketing Statistics in 2020:

  • Marketers noted a 760% boost in revenue by using segmented B2C email campaigns
  • 59% of B2B marketers believe email generates the most revenue
  • 65% of readers are attracted by simple graphs in newsletters
  • 62% of marketers say that personalized emails are more effective
  • 80% of SMBs rely on email to boost customer retention
  • 59% of consumers believe that marketing emails influence purchase behavior
  • 68% of millennials report that promotional emails impact purchase decisions
  • Native ads get by 53% more views than traditional display ads
  • 62% of marketers use programmatic advertising in email marketing campaigns
email marketing statistics

Make 2020 Your Year to Start Marketing with Emails

With all these advantages email marketing can bring to your business, it makes sense to seize the moment and make 2020 your year to start.

  • For advertisers: Leverage even more marketing power when you use native ads to promote your products and services on others’ newsletters.
  • For publishers: Monetize your own email newsletter when you place non-competitor but related native ads within the body of your newsletter. Bring in extra revenue in addition to all the new customers you’ll likely attract.

Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, we have a revenue-building plan for you.

Learn more about how inboxAds can help you monetize your email newsletters starting today.

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