How Does AI Impact Email Marketing and Programmatic Email Advertising?

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Over the past few years, one trend stands above the rest in the world of marketing and advertising: artificial intelligence (AI). Learn why this leading-edge tool can give your company a leg up on your competition in email marketing and programmatic email advertising.

Why Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Taking Over the Marketing and Advertising World?

AI has already created a wave of opportunities for marketers and advertisers who take advantage of its abilities. According to Emerj’s Daniel Faggella, one of the world’s foremost experts on AI, there are five ways that technology has already made a splash in the advertising and marketing world.

Providing Prospects with a Better Search Experience

Today’s marketing is all about the customer, not your company’s products, services, or news. Making your prospects feel comfortable as they search on your company’s owned content provides them with an experience that will make them want to return often.

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