Email Expert Interviews: Rui Nunes. Founder and CEO at sendXmail(s) & ZOPPLY

Rui Nunes Founder @sendxmail and @zopply
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Rui Nunes is a visionary entrepreneur based in Portugal. He is the founder of sendXmail(s) – email marketing and automation full-service agency and ZOPPLY – full digital service agency, two companies build to help businesses thrive in the digital age.

Having a creative background and being involved in various educational settings as a teacher, trainer, and consultant for companies and marketing schools, he strongly believes that a CEO or founder is the best marketing asset a company can have.

His extensive experience in email marketing makes him a thrill to talk to and we’re honored to have him on our blog today.

In this exclusive conversation, Rui shared with us:

  • what it’s like to run two companies,
  • the competitive advantage of his companies,
  • how has the pandemic determined businesses to reconsider email,
  • how is technology upgrading email automation,
  • his predictions about the trends and future challenges in email marketing,
  • what are the core tactics publishers should focus on in their email strategies,
  • why did he launch his own YouTube channel,
  • his favorite books, podcasts and newsletters,
  • precious advice for new entrepreneurs in email,
  • and many other inspirational thoughts.

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