How to Develop a Successful Email Marketing Strategy in 2020

illustration describing the complete steps of a successful email marketing strategy
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With the rise in popularity of social media marketing, many publishers started to consider email marketing as an archaic method.

They believe that building an email marketing strategy is a rather old-school technique and that it’s no longer worth the attention.

Well, we hate to break it to you – that’s definitely not the case!

What Is Email Marketing and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Email marketing is one of the most reliable forms of communication between a publisher and its readers today since everyone checks their email at least once a day.

Besides, today’s smartphones allow us to access emails anywhere and anytime; in an Uber, while drinking a coffee, before a meeting, etc. 

It is vital for a publisher to develop an efficient email marketing strategy for a number of reasons:

• Sending personalized, targeted content.

• Building up your brand’s reputation.

• Building stronger relationships with the audiences.

• Optimization of budget and time.

• Providing metrics to help you understand what works and what does not.

• Increased traffic generation.

• Creating excitement among the audiences.

The benefits mentioned above – of incorporating email marketing to your marketing strategy – are just an outline of what email marketing can do.

Another great benefit is that publishers can use email marketing as an additional revenue stream for their businesses.

Email monetization proved to be an excellent channel to generate extra money, especially for publishers with consistent lists of subscribers.

Therefore, no one should underestimate the power of a well-done and curated newsletter. 

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Developing a Successful Email Marketing Strategy 

Email marketing delivers the best return-on-investment (ROI) as compared to all other marketing techniques.

According to a report from the Direct Marketing Association, with every $1 spent, you get an incredible ROI of $38 on average. According to other statistics, the ROI is about $44.

Now that’s really something. The ROI depends on how smart your email marketing strategy is.

To help you develop a successful email marketing strategy, we have pulled together the five ultimate tips that you’re definitely going to love us for!

1. Create Targeted Email Lists and Divide Your Subscribers  

The key to a successful email marketing strategy is to develop an email list that contains qualified leads that are genuinely interested in what your brand has to offer.

The best way of doing so is converting the visitors of your website into subscribers.

However, the challenge here is that about a massive 80% of the people visiting your website will leave-for good without the intention of returning.

What you should do to keep these visitors is to incorporate exit-intent pop-ups to your website.

This is a great way to convert these visitors into subscribers and even customers. 

Other ways that you can convince visitors to become a part of your email list include:

• Sign-up forms. 

• Social media forms and links.

• Gated content, in which you offer your readers infographics, e-books or similar incentives in return to their subscription.

• Sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways.

• Asking existing customers to subscribe to your email list by offering premium content in return or when purchasing online or offline.

Once you have an email list, the next thing that you need to do is segment your email subscribers into distinct lists.

Such a method makes it possible for you to send highly targeted emails.

With better targeting, you get better response rates. 

To make you understand it better, let’s look at it another way: some visitors make a purchase, some add a product to their wish list, and some who add a product to their cart but never finish the purchase procedure.

You can make three separate lists and send out targeted emails accordingly.

Moreover, you can inform a customer about a new product similar to the one they purchased, let them know that a particular product they added to their wish list is upon sale, or you could just send out a reminder about completing the purchase on your website!

This way, you will only send out relevant emails, which will have a sure-shot positive boost to your business. 

2. Understand the Types of Email and Create Great Content

To generate effective emails, you need to understand the different types of emails.

Emails are of three types which are:

  • Promotional emails – containing content about offers, sales, and ongoing/ upcoming promotions. 
  • Relational emails – providing readers with what they were promised, like a weekly/monthly newsletter. 
  • Transactional emails – which consist of welcome messages, subscription confirmations, password reset, order confirmations, and others.

Now, depending on what email type will be relevant for a particular subscriber, you can create the content of your emails.

This is where quality content creation steps in. Instead of planning your email marketing campaigns in a hard-sell attitude, it is better to loosen up a bit. 

The following tips will get more people actually to open your emails:

– A compelling subject line that does not sound like a scam. 

– A personalized email, addressing the reader by their name. 

– Writing an attractive hook in the opening line.

– Including your contact details in the email or the email signature.  

– Including visually appealing images.

3. Build Strong Relationships with Your Readers

A successful email marketing strategy isn’t about focusing on getting a sale from each email.

It is about building and maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with your audiences.

Email marketing lets you announce the launch of new articles on your blog or new products on your online store, invite your subscribers to sales that are invitation-only, or introduce new prospects to your brand.

All of these tactics make the customer feel important, strengthening the bond between brand and customers. 

One of the most efficient ways of achieving this goal is not to use the standard donotreply[@]

On the contrary, using an email address with proper names to which the customers can reply will really help bridge the gap.

Proper email addresses look more reachable and authentic. 

happy young woman working on her laptop

Offering something of value to your loyal customers is another way to make your email marketing campaign a successful one.

Instead of asking your repeat customers to buy something all the time, you can offer them a discount coupon, a reward, or a free gift on occasions like their birthdays.

Furthermore, if you’re sending out emails to people who aren’t your customers yet, you can offer incentives such as a money-back guarantee to encourage them to make a purchase. 

A strong relationship with customers is the secret to developing a successful email marketing strategy.

The stronger your ties with your customers, the more return your email newsletter campaign is likely to generate. 

4. Include a Strong CTA at the End of Your Email

To help you understand the importance of a call-to-action button in an email, let’s assume a situation: you receive an email from your favorite clothing brand informing you about the latest winter collection that is in-stores now while you’re at work.

You read the email, plan on going-through the stock when you aren’t busy, and then you forget about the email. 

Why do you think you didn’t visit their website and check their collection out right away?

Because there was no CTA attached in the email telling you to click on the link for the latest winter collection!

If there was a link included, you would have reviewed the collection then and there, and even ordered an item or two that you liked. 

tablet on a desk, surrounded by a cup of tea and stationary, presenting a registration to a newsletter

What I’m trying to tell you is that a recipient might never do something unless you ask them to!

That’s how important including a CTA button in your emails is.

A strong call-to-action button is a vital part of a successful email marketing strategy because the greater the number of visits to your website through an email is, the more effective the email marketing campaign will be. 

5. Never Take ‘No’ As Ultimate Break-Up

Cancel subscriptions requests are something that we’re sure you dread.

We understand how difficult it is to create a subscriber list and then have a subscriber leave you is hard to deal with.

However, if a subscriber canceled their subscription request, you should never consider that as the ultimate break-up with them.

Instead, it would help if you used this opportunity to bridge the gap that brought about the ‘cancel subscription request.’

More, you can always send the subscriber who has requested to cancel the subscription an email telling them how grateful you are to them for being a part of your journey.

This way, the customer will feel as they had been a valuable part of the gang.

Besides, that’s the perfect way to say goodbye to your subscribers most softly and sweetly, at the same time making sure that you don’t cut off ties with them permanently. 

Final Words 

Developing an effective email marketing strategy is what will make your email marketing campaigns successful.

As shown above, the secret is to understand your audience and target content accordingly.

The better you are at targeting, the better the reach of the campaign will be, and the greater will be the ROI.


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