Email Expert Interviews: Radek Kaczynski. Founder and CEO at Bouncer

Radek Kaczynski, Founder and CEO at Bouncer
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In this interview, Radek shared with us how he came to create his own company, why email is a tool of choice and its dynamic, the pandemic effects on the email deliverability industry, and valuable tips for a clean email list.

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With a solid professional background and a great team together, Radek founded Bouncer, an email validation and verification SaaS, in 2017.

For Radek, email is the main channel in communication with customers. He has created Bouncer to help fast-growing companies with affordable email list verification.

His work is guided by the idea of treating the recipient of an email with respect throughout the process, by providing them with quality and valuable information. 

But let’s get into the interview!

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